2013 Trump Tax Return Leaked.. He Paid More Than His Fair Share!!

A leaked copy of the 2013 federal tax return of Donald Trump has been leaked and it shows how he paid more than 40 million dollars in taxes after earning 278 million dollars. This is in contrast to reports that he has been paying no taxes after taking a loss of 900 million a few years ago.

This leaked document has bene checked by the correct authorities and it has been confirmed as being legitimate. His charitable donations was just under $27 million, which is 10% of his income.

The Clinton campaign has said that the release of this document was just a way of trying to distract people from the leaked Trump sex talk audio tape.

Wow! The 2013 Tax Return of Trump Leaked and He Has Paid Way More Than What Is Fair….

Polls are getting closer and the race is at boiling point.

Who is going to prevail?