28 Years Later, Nurse Spots Something Shocking In This Photo of Her With A Baby!!

It was 28 years ago that Amanda was premature by three months and only weighed a couple of pounds. Doctors didn’t think she would make it to the next day. She was even read her last rights while her parents looked on.

Amanda’s parents asked Nurse Chris Wallen to be Amanda’s godmother. This made sense as she was caring for her around the clock and trying her best to keep her alive. It was three months in the future that Amanda made it home with her parents.

Over time, the nurse and the family fell out of touch. Even decades later, the family wondered what happened to Nurse Wallen who saved Amanda’s life.

It was one day that Amanda was looking at a Polaroid picture from 1985 of her as a baby in the arms of the nurse. At the bottom of the photo was the nurse’s name, so Amanda went for broke and searched it on Facebook. She is eventually tracked her down and it’s incredible what happened next!

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