84 Lumber Get Bad News After They Aired Pro-Illegal Immigration Ad


It was during the Super Bowl that a number of brands tried to push their far left agendas upon the viewers who were there to enjoy the football.

The ads were worse than what was expected. The worst of them had to be that of Lumber 84.

Their ad shows a mother and daughter walking through Mexico in order to get to the US border.

The ad then tells you to “continue the journey” on the company website.

That’s why there’s already a petition calling for the government to cease doing business with 84 Lumber:

American tax dollars should not be spent at businesses that oppose American laws. 84 Lumber took a stand in favor of illegal immigration in its Super Bowl commercial. That is their choice. We can now choose not to patronize that business.

Wow! Californian Illegals Problem So Out of Hand That the President of their Senate even has relatives who are illegal!

In the recent past, the Department of Justice, Department of the Interior, and the Department of State (among others) have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on 84 Lumber products. We ask all federal agencies to stop purchasing from 84 Lumber, effective immediately.

Check out the video for yourself and let us know your thoughts.