If you tell a liberal that their ideology has been the progenitor of the world’s most vile and dehumanizing political movements, you will get an eye roll of monumental proportions or a SJW crazed emotional meltdown.

Yet, day in and day out, the Left continues to offer history proof of just such a proclivity amongst their adherents.

Case in point is ABC’s recent canceling of the high rated “Last Man Standing” sitcom featuring actor Tim Allen.

Rightwing News reports that the show, a Friday night hit amongst 8 million Americans, was the second highest rated show on the network, but that did not stop Leftist Disney CEO Bob Iger from yanking his affiliates program.


Just two months ago, Allen told Lefty Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show that working in Hollywood as a conservative was like residing in Nazi Germany.

Cue the Leftist eye roll.

The response to the sudden pulling of the show caused an uproar on social media and the People have threatened to boycott ABC and Disney.

On Twitter, Vickie Mealus said, “I am furious!  Just heard ABC canceled Last Man Standing!  My husband and I love the show and Tim Allen.  We will boycott ABC.”

Richard Phallan noted the self-destructive political partisanship of ABC, “Don’t watch much on ABC anyway. This was the only show I liked. Libs at Disney HQ are killing this network as well as ESPN.”

And Virginia Vega Carter brought up the possibility of a societal reaction, “it’s time for us to act…..we are letting the leftist run this country…let’s start boycotting ABC.”