After Oprah Told These Women To Vote For Hillary, They Gave A Hilarious Response

On Election Day most people will have had their minds made up as to who they were going to vote for. But there are still going to be some who could go either way. This sort of commentary will make you turn towards Trump.

The ladies in the video are called Boo and Diamond. They have a very strong message for Oprah Winfrey. They frankly are sick and tired of Oprah trying to get people to vote for Hillary and after Obama has failed them so much, they aren’t going to fall for this again.

This is an epic rant where they hold nothing back in their criticism of Oprah!

Obama Is FURIOUS After Clint Eastwood Takes THIS Massive Stand Against Him

“Barack Obama didn’t do nothing for the inner and urban cities. Didn’t do nothing for Chicago, and he’s from Chicago. The same Oprah that sits around tells people, ‘You teach people how treat you.’ … When people show you who they are, believe them.”

“Crooked Hillary has already shown us who she is! She’s a crook! And we will never let a crook off the hook!”

What are your thoughts on this?