Amazing! Gowdy Gets The IRS To Admit To This Huge Mistake!

Trey Gowdy is one of those people who rarely if ever miss a beat when it comes to politics and dodgy dealings. He always seems to have the right answer when it comes to dealing with these people and organizations.

It was a while ago that the IRS had been ordered by the Obama administration to unfairly target and audit certain conservative groups that were not aligned with the values of Obama. When during a hearing the commissioner of the IRS was asked about this, he denied doing anything wrong. He didn’t expect what happened next!

He spoke to Trey Gowdy and got burned so badly that he’s gonna need medicated ointment for the next month. Gowdy get the IRS commissioner to admit, in front of the American people, that he had no idea what “wrongdoing” even meant, since he had no working knowledge of the law. He also admitted that the claims made by the Obama Administration were untrue, and likely made up to save face politically.

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