Amazing New Trump ‘Wall’ Video Going Viral

We do not have borders any more. Illegal migrants come in and out of our nation without obstruction, running drugs and engaging in other illegal activities.

A great new viral video has been released which calls for Donald Trump’s proposed wall along our borders to be built.

“Build that wall. Make it tall. As a monument of freedom that eagles rest their feet on, from shore to shore, a refuge for us all. A wall to prove that liberty succeeded,” the song lyrics aptly note.

Hillary Clinton and her open borders pal George Soros do not want us to build a wall.

Clinton and her liberal minions not only welcome but lure in illegal immigrants with promises of “free stuff.”

Wow! Congress Have Officially Approved The Trump Wall! [SOURCE: GOVTRACK.US]

“The wall represents freedom, strength, pride, security, respect, and the preservation of our American heritage,” said the artists who created the poignant Build That Wall song and video.

What are your thoughts on this?