Anderson Cooper CHALLENGES Melania Trump – INSTANTLY Regrets It

Ever since Donald Trump entered the presidential race, the mainstream media has been relentlessly attacking his wife Melania. This week, however, Anderson Cooper learned the hard way that messing with Melania Trump is NOT a good idea.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway wasn’t about to let him get away with this…

On Thursday, Melania Trump issued a vow that, as first lady, she would combat the cyber bullying trend that affects even the youngest members of American society.

For many social media critics, it was a perfect opportunity to ridicule the GOP nominee’s wife — arguing that her husband has earned his own reputation for launching personal attacks on Twitter.

Following her speech, CNN’s Anderson Cooper brought up this same point to Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who quickly pointed out what the media, and so many others, were missing.

During the interview, Cooper said that “the right question” is, ‘if it’s not okay for kids to do this… why is it okay for Donald Trump?'”

Conway responded that it’s “not okay for anyone” to do this, but added:

“I hate to break it to the political class or even the media, but most of what’s on Twitter is not about politics or journalism…

I think what Melania Trump was talking about today is a cultural fact…”

When Cooper again asked if Melania’s mission would need to start at “her own dinner table,” Conway responded:

“We’re constantly, when it comes to Donald Trump, cherry picking certain tweets or certain things that he said, and not looking at… his entire Twitter feed.

Go look at his crowds at his rallies, go look at his message, go see what he’s saying…”

More than that, though, Conway — to her earlier point — insisted that the media is “doing a disservice to the platform that Melania Trump… would want to have as first lady.”

Afterward, Conway shared some of the more specific messages that she herself has received online since joining Trump’s campaign — messages that she says her 12-year-old daughter has been exposed to:

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