Another Leftist Lie Killed

The First Lady and son Barron Trump

Another mainstream media fake news story has been squashed. Surprise, surprise.

Following Trump’s inauguration, the media began printing stories that Melania Trump and son Barron would not be moving into the White House. The First Lady tried to correct the record by telling whoever would listen that Barron and herself would make the move after Trump’s 11 year old son finished the school year.


That was not good enough for the public whore mongering media. Stories were spread that the President and the First Lady were not having the best of marriages, that the First Lady looked down on Washington (God forbid!), or that Melania despised the media attention.

Breitbart reported on April16 that the new First Lady and son were indeed preparing to move into the White House and would do so this summer. That would effectively mean that Melania was telling the truth and the media was once again pushing fake news.

Writing that the “first lady has been actively involved in arranging the East Wing residence ahead of the move,” Breitbart also notes that work is underway on what will be Barron’s Room.

Interestingly, it is also noted that Barron will be the first son in the White House since John F. Kennedy, Jr.