Another Massive Bombshell on Hillary… Will She Quit?

It has been revealed that Hillary wants Obamacare to be a failure.

He is her biggest supporter and this is his biggest project.

She wants to replace it with her own socialist program in which there will be no private healthcare at all for private businesses. Can you imagine?

According to Angry Patriot Movement:

It would appear there is no honor among thieves. Wikileaks still has some aces up its sleeve, even though the site probably got its power cut by Democrat operatives. The latest email release shows yet another Clinton revelation.

Hillary Clinton actually wanted the Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare,” to fail so that she could implement single-payer, government-controlled healthcare, Her cynical desire for this is outlined in an email sent to her regarding the “Cadillac Tax.”

The chain begins with Clinton and senior policy adviser Ann O’Leary, titled, “Memo on Cadillac Tax for HRC.” Surprise, surprise, Clinton said she is open to changing her position on the Cadillac Tax, noting her desire to see the ACA destroyed almost as an afterthought:

“Given the politics now w bipartisan support including Schumer, I’ll support repeal w ‘send of the Senate’ that revenues would have to be found,” Clinton wrote. “I’d be open to a wide range of options to do that, but we have to be careful that the R version passes, which begins the unraveling of the ACA.”

What are your thoughts?

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