Attorney of Bernie Sanders Who Was Suing The DNC About Hillary Voter Fraud Found DEAD!!

Sean Lucas was Sander’s attorney and had been filing papers against the DNC and the former chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He was found dead on a bathroom floor.

This lawsuit was a fraud class action against the Democratic Party for the way they treated supporters of Sanders.

After the recent WikiLeaks release, we know that these allegations are true and the election was stolen from Sanders.

Snopes reports that he was found dead on the bathroom floor:

We contacted Lucas’ employer on 4 August 2016 to ask whether there was any truth to the rumor. According to an individual with whom we spoke at that company, Shawn Lucas died on 2 August 2016. The audibly and understandably shaken employee stated that interest in the circumstances of Lucas’ death had prompted a number of phone calls and other queries, but the company had not yet ascertained any details about Lucas’ cause of death and were unable to confirm anything more than the fact he had passed away.

An unconfirmed report holds that Lucas was found lying on the bathroom floor by his girlfriend when she returned home on the evening of 2 August 2016. Paramedics responding to her 911 call found no signs of life.

RIP and please send your prayers to his loved ones.

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