The actions of Melania and Donald Trump have proven that the First Family is not the inaccessible elitists that the Obamas were. Unless you were a celebrity or big ticket donor, you were not getting into the White House to visit the President.

The other day Melania opened up the White House Family Movie Theater to guests. This time it was Barron’s turn to do something nice.

USA Newsflash reports that Barron returned to the White House recently with 80 members of his class, including teachers.

The group met the President and First Lady, had a buffet lunch and then received a talk from the President about living up to their potential. Afterwards, the group toured DC and stayed in a hotel over night before returning to New York the following day.

It was a great civics lesson and just another example of how the Trump family, maligned every day in the media, is quietly leading by example and humility.