Ben Carson Is Going To Help Trump Tear Obamacare To Pieces!

The election result on Tuesday was an absolutely historic day for our nation. Donald Trump will soon take office in the White House and the Conservatives are already working hard on their plans.

Ben Carson was recently interviewed and he talked about how he is going to roll his sleeves up to dismantle Obamacare:

“Of course,” he responded. “I think the replacement obviously must come first and it must be something that is very appealing and easy to understand.”

Trump says that his plan will benefit every single American, not like Obama’s terrible plan.

“Having standards that apply to everybody in the society obviously is an important think,” Carson continued, before coming to Trump’s defense once more.

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“I think actually a lot of the people who have tried to demonize him will be quite shocked when they see who he really is,” he concluded. “He’ll be a very easy person to work with as long as you’re reasonable; as long as you’re fair.”

The sooner Trump gets into office, the better!