Beyonce, Dixie Chicks SCRUBBED From CMA Website After THIS Happens

Last week, we reported that millions of country music fans were furious after the Dixie Chicks teamed up with the race-baiting, anti-cop Beyonce to perform at the CMAs. Now, this move has come back to bite both Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks in a big way.

TMZ reported that the CMAs has scrubbed all references to Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks from their website. Insiders say the CMAs decided to remove all images and references to the women after fans began posting racist and harsh comments about them.

These comments included things like, “That’s right folks. Beyonce performed at the CMAs last night & is on a mission to take country music away from us, hardworking white people!” And, “Beyonce overrated racist n***er bitch.”

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[email protected] the cop hater? No thanks,” read another comment. A different one said, “What place does @Beyonce who vilifies police officers who keep us safe have to do with #CMAawards50?”

The CMAs also deleted the women from all of their social media platforms. CMA executives reportedly “just want this to go away” and regret having the women perform during their show in the first place.

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