Black Lives Matter Thug Blocks Traffic… Gets a BRUTAL RESPONSE!

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets in Nevada on Monday to protest Columbus Day. Unfortunately for them, however, their protest didn’t go so well for them…

According to Three Percenter Nation, the race-baiting protesters blocked traffic before surrounding a Nissan truck after seeing that it was being driven by a white boy. When the Black Lives Matter thugs threatened him, the boy decided to save his own life by plowing through the crowd of protesters.

Though it’s clear that the boy acted in self defense, the race-baiters are claiming that he committed a hate crime and have released their own version of the story. They say the boy had been yelling racial slurs at them at the beginning of the protest, and that he then doubled back to where the protesters would be blocking him so that he could easily run them over.

One Black Lives Matter protester took to Facebook to whine about what happened:



If this woman didn’t want to get hit by a car, she probably shouldn’t have been BLOCKING TRAFFIC!!!

Here’s another Black Lives Matter version of the story that was posted on Facebook:


I hope folks seeing this are able to maintain their attention span long enough to read it…

The white kid driving the pickup did this with the fullest intention of inciting someone to make the mistake of approaching him, instead of staying in formation and holding the line.

Other videos, easily available, show him calmly sitting in his pickup and asking people if they want him to run over their relatives. This of course inflamed the situation and caused march participants to become heated. He knew exactly what he was doing – he was race baiting and we got sucked in.

A lot of you don’t understand why we would block the street. The reason we block the street, among other things, is that you refuse to acknowledge our grievances as fellow human beings. You have been corrupted by an endemic sickness in our society to believe that our issues do not concern you and that you don’t have time to listen to our resentment and outrage over the treatment of our fellows, because you have to be at work or the ball game or whatever else trite entertainment has been placed in your path to distract your attention from the world around you.

We can’t stay safe and remain on the sidewalk with you if anything is going to change.

Continuing to ignore these things or make condescending remarks about North America being first settled by Northern Europeans, or complain about us being in the streets, will do nothing to improve our situation. I say our situation because whether you can recognize it or not, it is OUR situation. The fact that you are blind to it changes nothing. While you are being distracted by the spectacle of our distress, you are being absorbed by the pathogenic system in which we live – you are the frog in the pot of water coming slowly to a boil.

Watch the video above this story to see the incident itself. What do you think really happened here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.