BOOM!!! Watch Trey Gowdy Take Down Anti-Trump Liberals with ONE BRUTAL SENTENCE…


All throughout the election, Trump kept telling us the game was rigged. Well, the events of the last few days prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was speaking the truth!

We all suspected a “deep state,” didn’t we? A government of bureaucrats and government officials that were immune to the will of the people. This state reared it’s ugly head when it was revealed that the FBI has been illegally taping — and spying on the Trump administration and then leaking info to the public.

In an interview yesterday, Representative Trey Gowdy found it pretty amazing that the General Flynn transcripts of his phone calls were leaked, but that he couldn’t get any information on Benghazi!!!

Mexican President Tries To Use 135 Deported Criminals For Photo Op – Instantly Backfires!

Think about that for a second… Obama and the Democrats kept information from the American public re: Benghazi! Heck, there are witnesses that still haven’t testified! But now that they’re out of office, suddenly leaks are coming from everywhere.

Trump has them scared! Please share this like wildfire to support Trump and his fight to take our country back and put power back in the hands of the people!!!