BREAKING: Barack and Michelle Obama Make A Horrifying Announcement

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Millions of Americans were hoping the Obamas would finally go away after they handed over the White House to Donald Trump. Unfortunately, something happened this week that proves the Obamas have no intention of leaving the public eye…

CNBC reported that Barack and Michelle Obama sent out an email to their former White House intern on Friday saying that they are about to launch a 16-week internship program at their Washington D.C. offices. The email explained that the internship will run from Feb. 27 through June 16, and the duties of the interns will include various tasks, with an emphasis on correspondence duties.

No additional details were given, and it is not known if the interns will be paid or not.


This comes after Infowars reported that Obama is currently leading an army of 30,000 protesters from his “command center” of his new home in Washington D.C., located just two miles away from the White House. Insiders say Obama is hard at work at creating a “shadow government” to protect his legacy and sabotage Trump at every turn.

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The protesters behind Obama are part of a nationwide network known as “Organizing for Action,” a group that “grew out of Obama’s first presidential campaign” and claims to have 250 local chapters around the country.

Organizing for Action is currently working feverishly to try and save Obamacare by planning 400 health care-focused events in 42 states this year with partners that include mainline liberal groups, like the Center for American Progress and Planned Parenthood, as well those from the progressive wing, like Activists with the group have organized anti-Trump protests, many of which have turned into violent riots.

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