BREAKING: Clinton’s Career OVER After Leaked Photo Exposes DIRTY Bedroom Deed

Hillary Clinton thought things could not get any worse for her after she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump last week. That’s why it was particularly devastating to her when a disturbing photo surfaced exposing what her husband has been doing in the bedroom.

Mad World News reported that the photo appears to show Bill Clinton naked on a bed with a blonde woman, who is rubbing his back.

“The photo shows a man resembling Bill Clinton sitting on a bed with a television remote in his left hand as a scantily dressed woman rubs his lower back,” The American Mirror reported.

Though it has not been confirmed that the man in the photo is Bill, it can’t be denied that it looks a lot like him. Adding to this theory is the fact that Bill is left-handed, as is the man in the photo.

“I was sent the pic cant reveal the source they said tweet it happy Monday! (sic),” Twitter user @0hour, who explained.

While Media OBSESSES Over Melania, Trump Received The BEST Possible News! HAIL TO THE CHIEF!

Making matters even worse for the Clintons is the fact that the woman in the photo bares a striking resemblance to Julie Tauber, the woman that the Secret Service nicknamed “Energizer.”


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