BREAKING: Congress Makes Massive Move Against Obama – It’s Happening

Last week, Barack Hussein Obama disrespected the families of 9/11 victims when he vetoed a bill that would allow them to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for their involvement in the attacks even though it was unanimously passed by congress. Now, however, this move has come back to bite him in a big way.

According to The Political Insider, Obama’s veto is set to be overruled on Wednesday as the Senate votes on whether to reinstate the bill. A Republican leader aide said that the House will likely vote on the override on Thursday or Friday.

Congress is expected to easily surpass the two-thirds support needed to override Obama’s veto, which would mark the first veto override of his presidency. The legislation is known as the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, and it sailed through Congress with very little opposition earlier this year. However, after Obama’s veto, some lawmakers who specialize in national security policy have become increasingly vocal about their concerns with the bill.

BREAKING: Congress Votes Unanimously To Stop Obama!!

Despite this, Obama’s veto is still expected to be overridden.

We hope that this veto override does indeed go through, because the families of 9/11 victims deserve the opportunity to pursue justice for their loved ones. SHARE this story if you stand by this bill!