BREAKING: Damning Bill Clinton Audio Leaks – Hillary PANICKING

Donald Trump’s campaign was hit with a nuclear bomb over a week ago when a 2005 audio clip was released of him talking about women in a lewd manner. Now, Hillary Clinton has been hit with a bomb of her own, as a recording has leaked of her husband talking about women in an even worse way.

Breitbart reported that the recording is of a phone conversation between Bill Clinton and his former mistress Gennifer Flowers. Talking about rumors that he was having an affair with another woman, Bill said, “She was so good looking I wished it was true.”

This conversation occurred just two months after he announced his bid for the presidency.

In another conversation recorded earlier that same year, Bill reacted to a list of five women he had been accused of having sexual affairs with by joking, “I’ve got good taste.”

During an interview with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio this past weekend, Flowers reacted to these sections of the tapes by saying she thought Bill was acting like a “jack*ss” and was being demeaning to women.

From December 1990 to December 1991, Flowers famously recorded many conversations with Bill while he was still Governor of Arkansas and simultaneously running for president. Flowers recently handed over her complete original cassette recordings of her taped conversations with Bill to reporters.

During one conversation from December of 1991, Bill talked to Flowers about claims of his relationship with one woman, whose name was deleted for privacy reasons.

Here’s a transcript from that conversation:

GF: I talked to David Watkins. I have a little company with a guy named (name deleted) and (name deleted) called Concepts Plus, that does jingles…

BC: Yeah. Beautiful (name deleted).

GF: yes, beautiful…

BC: The one I allegedly had an affair with?

GF: B.B., (name deleted), uh, anyway. Beautiful (name deleted)…anyway…

BC: The only time I ever saw her was at the inaugural. She was so good looking I wished it was true. (laughter)

GF: Well she’s very, she’s very talented, too!

BC: Is she?

Flowers was particularly offended by Bill’s assertion that “she was so good looking I wished it was true.”

“She was one of my best friends,” Flowers said of the clip. “And she is beautiful and she’s smart and startling. And I’m like, you know, really? You can tell by the tone in my voice. I said well, yeah, she’s not just beautiful, she’s smart too.

“Because, you know, it wasn’t gross locker talk, but it was just kind of that tone,” she added. “And it was irritating me because but not because it was making me jealous. It was just irritating me that he was doing it. Being disrespectful to her because, you know, she was a great person.”

“Understand that when these tapes were made from the very beginning Bill and I were no longer seeing each other,” Flowers continued. “And I felt like several times in those tapes he was trying to make me jealous because he was talking about other women. About being beautiful. And I clearly felt that he was trying to make me jealous. Because he had let me know that if I change my mind he was there.”

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