BREAKING: DHS Issues Massive Terror Alert To Americans – It’s Happening

Jeh Johnson, the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), spoke out this week to issue a massive terror warning that has sent fear into the hearts of millions of Americans.

According to The Political Insider, Johnson warned Americans on Wednesday that the United States is likely to suffer more domestic terror attacks, warning that the department has received so many threats that they cannot make all threats “a priority.” He added that despite the department’s best efforts, the likelihood of an extremist “attack is still there.”

While speaking at the Atlantic magazine ideas forum, Johnson admitted that the DHS has received numerous terror threats, but they “can’t say everything is a priority.”

The top homeland security official complained that the American press only covers “bad news” and that “the good news in homeland security is often no news.”

“You can’t say everything is a priority,” Johnson said during a panel discussion with former DHS head Tom Ridge. “You’ve got threats that are high impact, but not necessarily high probability. Then you’ve got threats that are high probability, but likely, or perhaps, less impact, like a [homegrown violent extremist] attack, which could involve as many as 50, as many as 10” fatalities.

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This reminds us that despite what Barack Obama says, ISIS has not been “contained,” and we are still very much in danger of being attacked by terrorists.

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