Breaking: Facebook Killer is Dead


Police in Eerie, Pennsylvania are confirming that Steve Stephens, the man known as the Facebook Killer, has died from a self inflicted gunshot wound after a chase in the city of Erie.

There’s been a massive manhunt for Stephens since Sunday when he filmed himself killing 74 year old Robert Godwin Jr in Cleveland, Ohio. He then uploaded the video to Facebook.


In the moments leading up to the shooting, Stephens pulls his car up to a curb on East 93rd Street, near the intersection with Carr Avenue, and calmly said, “I found somebody I’m about to kill. I’m going to kill this guy right here. He’s an old dude, too.”

Stephens got out of the car and approached Godwin, saying, “Hey can you do me a favor?” and asked him to say his girlfriend’s name. Godwin appeared confused but said the woman’s name.

Stephens then pulled a handgun and pointed it at Godwin’s head, telling him that the woman is the reason why he was about to shoot him. Godwin’s hands went up to shield him and pleaded with Stephens, saying, “Look, I don’t know anybody by that name!”

Stephens fired one fatal shot at Godwin’s head, and he zooms in on Godwin’s bloody body on the sidewalk before walking back to his car and getting inside.

There’s been a massive manhunt for Stephens across 5 states and a reward of $50,000 for any information leading to his capture.

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