BREAKING: GOP Congress Turns On Trump – Shuts Down His BIGGEST Campaign Promise

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly said that he plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to fight illegal immigration. That’s why millions of Americans are furious this week after the GOP-led Congress suggested that they won’t be following through with this plan after all.

GOP The Daily Dose reported that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Monday during a press conference that though they will be securing the border, only a very small portion of it will have a wall. Instead, McCarthy said they will be using “technology” to secure the border. This presumably means drones, which are already being utilized in the Obama administration.

Making matters even worse is the fact that Congress is already putting it’s foot down about the mass deportations that Trump promised.

During his 60 Minutes interview on Sunday, Trump said he would immediately deport immigrants with a criminal record, 2 million to 3 million people by his estimation. Trump did not say that he would stop there and he has repeatedly promised that anyone who came to the U.S. illegally will have to leave when he takes office. McCarthy, however, suggested that Trump will only deport illegals who have criminal records.

“That’s not new law,” McCarthy said. “That is just one law that is in the books, but it hasn’t been in effect.”

This means that only illegals that have already committed crimes will be deported, and those who have not yet had the chance to commit crimes will be permitted to stay.

The GOP establishment has never liked Trump, and what McCarthy just said confirms that they have no intention of actually allowing him to run the country. SHARE this story if you think they should LET TRUMP LEAD!

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