BREAKING: Hillary Caught READING FROM SCRIPT During Interviews – She’s A FRAUD

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton is as fake as they come, but even we didn’t think she was this much of a fraud…

Infowars reported that WikiLeaks has just released an email chain of approvals for Hillary Clinton talking about her tax proposal during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. The script for Clinton’s interview was constructed and approved by a whopping ten people on her campaign staff.

“[…] HRC is going to call into Chris Hayes’ show this afternoon to do her tax hit. How does this look to you guys? (link to email chain)”

Hayes later claimed that he pre-taped an interview with Clinton via phone, but the questions were actually part of the script the specific answer was written for. Clinton already knew what questions Hayes would ask because her team literally wrote them as well as her answers to them.

Watch below to find out more:

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“I got a chance to speak earlier with Secretary Clinton who joined me by phone from Iowa. We discussed everything from the electability question to what Bernie Sanders said about her campaign. But I started by asking about her proposed tax hikes for the highest earners,” Hayes claimed, acting like this was out of the blue.

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