BREAKING: Hillary Caught Taking THIS Drug During Debate

Given her recent health woes and coughing attacks, many Americans were stunned on Monday night when Hillary Clinton showed no sign of being sick during the first presidential debate. However, now the REAL reason why Clinton appeared healthy has been revealed…

According to Mad World News, new evidence has emerged that Clinton was on a highly addictive drug like Vicodin or oxycontin during the debate to stop her cough. Clinton was seen scratching her face at least 15 times during the 90 minute debate, which is highly suspicious since rubbing one’s face is a symptom of being on those drugs.

Clinton was also blinking her eyes like crazy, with one clip showing her blink 20 times in roughly 20 seconds while shutting her eyes just a little too long to be normal. This is three times the normal rate of blinking.

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According to Wikipedia, the side effects of being on these drugs includes itchiness, sedation, nausea, respiratory depression, constipation, and euphoria.

“Whenever I take opiates, I develop some odd Facial tics, such as constant blinking,” one drug user wrote of the experience.

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