BREAKING: Hillary’s Massive Health Secret Leaks – Trump Was Right…

Hillary Clinton was hoping that she’d finally put rumors about her health to rest in the last few weeks. That’s why it came as very bad news to her when an email leaked confirming that even her own team thinks she’s seriously ill.

If this woman is too sick to run an effective campaign, she is DEFINITELY too sick to be president!

For months, Americans have been questioning the condition of Hillary Clinton’s health. That’s why it was big news when an email leaked revealing that Clinton’s campaign team has been concerns about her setups for public appearances because she is “unable to walk around” onstage.

This has reportedly been a concern for her team for at least seven years now, when the email was written.

The exchange took place between top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Clinton Global Initiative employees Amitabh Desai and Ed Hughes. In the exchange, Abedin said that Clinton can’t walk around the stage like her husband Bill can.

“Just want to make sure someone has coordinated with you on hrc speech set up,” Abedin wrote. “She won’t be able to give it in the round like [Bill Clinton] does walking around with microphone. Are we able to set it up so she’s speaking at a podium?”

Hughes replied saying that a high table doubles as a podium, and added “the room is set ‘stage in the round’ with the circular stage in the center of the round, audience all around in concentric circles…similar to some of last year’s campaign rallies with public in the background.”

This raised a red flag for Abedin.

“I’m worried that will be an issue for her,” Abedin responded. “Can we do a half round or something?”

Many believe this indicates that Clinton has trouble physically walking around a stage.

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