BREAKING: Melania Trump Makes Heartbreaking Announcement

With the numerous sexual assault allegations that have surfaced against her husband, this has been a rough month for Melania Trump. The mainstream media has tried to portray Melania as a weak, foolish woman who is only with Trump for his money.

What Melania just did, however, proves that she’s so much more than the media has been telling us…

Amid media chaos, Melania Trump issued a statement about a very controversial video showcasing lewd comments that were made by her husband.

“The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me,” she commented. “This does not represent the man that I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world.”

Later in the week, many leaders speculated this would not be the last “leak” Donald Trump would have to own up to.

It didn’t take long for that prophecy to come to fruition. This week, CNN published tapes showing Trump making lewd remarks about Ivanka, sex with menstruating women, sex with black women, threesomes, and having sex with the women at his beauty pageants.

Needless to say, things aren’t looking good for him.

In a clip from the Howard Stern show in 2004, Stern asks Trump if he can call Ivanka “a piece of ass.”

“My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka,” Trump comments.

“Can I say this?” Stern presses, “A piece of ass.”

“Yeah,” Trump responds.

Two years later, Stern asked Trump if Ivanka’s breasts were real.

“She’s actually always been very voluptuous,” Trump responded. “She’s tall; she’s almost 6 feet tall and she’s been, she’s an amazing beauty.”

In tapes dating back further than that, Stern asks Trump about having intercourse with menstruating women.

“Donald, seriously, you would not, right, am I correct?” Stern asks.

“Well, I’ve been there,” Trump commented. “I have been there, Howard, as we all have.”

Later, during the same interview, Stern asks Trump if he’s “ever had a black woman in bed.” Trump responds by saying it depends on what his “definition of black” is.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think. Could this be the end for Trump?

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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