BREAKING: New Name Surfaces In Consideration For Trump’s Secretary of State

Donald Trump has named multiple people to his administration this week, but he is still contemplating who he will name as his Secretary of State. Rumors have spread that Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are at the top of the list for this position. However, a new name just surfaced for Secretary of State that nobody was expecting…

One of the highest profile and most important positions yet to be filled is secretary of state. Last week we learned both Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney were on the short list. Now we can add another name to that list: General David Petraeus.

A report in The Guardian last week linked Gen Petraeus to the race for secretary of state, citing diplomatic sources.

And now Petraeus himself is signaling his interest.

The BBC reports, General David Petraeus, one of the United States’ most prominent military officers, has indicated he would be willing to serve in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration if asked.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said: “The only response can be: ‘yes, Mr President’.”

He served as a senior officer under Presidents Bush and Obama. He was the commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, before retiring from the military to take the top position in the Central Intelligence Agency.

Asked if he thought Mr Trump had the correct temperament to be the US President, he said: “It’s up to Americans at this point in time not only to hope that that is the case, but if they can, endeavour to help him.”

He then indicated he would personally serve under Mr Trump if asked.

“If you’re asked, you’ve got to serve – put aside any reservations based on campaign rhetoric… and figure out what’s best for the country,” he said.

“I’ve been in a position before where a president has turned to me in the Oval Office in a difficult moment, without any pleasantries, and said ‘I’m asking you as your president and Commander in Chief to take command of the international security force in Afghanistan.’

“The only response can be: ‘yes, Mr President,’” he continued.

General Petraeus was indirectly critical of some of Donald Trump’s rhetoric during the presidential election campaign, describing the president elect’s anti-Muslim comments as toxic.

However, he said he had heard good things from those who have been speaking with Mr Trump since the election result.

It’s interesting that those who have been talking to him have said, you know, he’s very personable, very hospitable, very gracious guy, full of questions and dialogue,” he said.

Gen. Petraeus of course had his own issues with “mishandling classified information” and was forced to resign from the CIA when it emerged he’d shared information with his biographer during an extramarital affair.

However, as we’ve seen from our experience with the Clintons that neither mishandling classified information nor extramarital affairs will preclude service in high office in these United States.

Do you think Petraeus would make a good Secretary of State? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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