BREAKING: Sources Reveal Who Trump Is Naming As Attorney General – Liberals PANIC

It’s only been a week since Donald Trump won the presidential election, but he’s already close to deciding who he will appoint to his cabinet. Now, his top choice for attorney generals has leaked, and liberals definitely won’t like it.

Young Conservatives reported that sources have said that Trump plans to appoint immigration hard-liner Kris Kobach as his attorney general.

NBC News reported that Kobach helped draw up Arizona’s anti-immigration law SB1070. When he was recently asked what Trump plans to do about immigrants who are here illegally, Kobach reached back to the immigration speech Trump made in August in Phoenix, when there were thoughts then-candidate Trump might be easing his view on immigrants.

Kobach said that in the speech, Trump said that “every person in this country has to follow American law. No person living here illegally gets a free pass, like they did under the Obama administration. The jobs are going to dry up, the welfare benefits are going to dry up, and a lot of people who may not be criminal illegal aliens may decide, hey, it’s getting hard to disobey federal law, and may leave on their own.”

Clearly, Kobach is ready to crack down on illegal immigration, and the fact that Trump is appointing him shows he’s following through on his promise to tackle this issue head on. What do you think about this choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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