BREAKING: Trump Drops Bombshell About Next Debate – Will You Still Support Him?

Millions of Americans were furious on Monday when it quickly became clear that the first presidential debate was rigged against Donald Trump. Now, the GOP presidential nominee has made a surprising move to ensure that he does not lose the next debate.

According to Daily Caller, Trump sent a survey to his supporters on Thursday asking their advice for his next debate with Hillary Clinton, including whether he should focus more on attacking the Democratic nominee on her emails, the Clinton Foundation and Benghazi.

The “second debate preparation survey” was emailed to potential supporters and was designed for fundraising purposes. Anyone who fills out the form is required to provide contact information to the campaign, and the survey gives insight into the mindset Trump is in right now.

“I want your input before the NEXT debate,” the survey said.

Here are the thirty questions in the survey:

  • Which issue do you think Mr. Trump was strongest on during the first debate?
  • Which issue do you think Mr. Trump should focus more on in the next debate?
  • Should Trump call out Hillary for lying about her stance on the job-killing trade deal TPP during the first debate?
  • Should Trump lay out how his business, private-sector experience will directly benefit the economy?
  • Did you agree with Trump’s decision to call out Hillary for being in politics for 30 years and not accomplishing anything?
  • On the subject of Hillary’s emails, should Trump have brought up the fact that Hillary jeopardized our national security?
  • Should Trump have brought up the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play schemes?
  • Should Trump have brought up Hillary’s failure in Benghazi as a disqualification for the presidency?
  • Should Trump have called out Hillary’s massive Wall Street fundraising and the paid speeches that she refuses to release to the public?
  • Should Trump attack Hillary as a life-long politician who has zero experience creating jobs?
  • Should Trump call out Hillary for flip-flopping on NAFTA and TPP in an attempt to gain votes from Bernie’s supporters?
  • Should Trump double down on the need to rebuild our infrastructure, and draw on his own experience in construction to get the job done?
  • When discussing cybersecurity, should Trump bring up Hillary’s unsecured secret server left vulnerable to hackers?
  • Should Trump address Hillary’s failure to take the threat of radical Islamic terrorism seriously?
  • Should Trump talk about the importance of rebuilding our own country instead of nation-building abroad?
  • Should Trump criticize Hillary’s tax hikes on the middle class as senator and plan to raise taxes as president?
  • Should Trump paint Hillary as someone who has betrayed working-class policies in favor of Wall Street?
  • Should Trump continue to tie Hillary to Obama’s failed policies including ObamaCare and the Iran Deal?
  • Should Trump continue to promote his tax plan that will cut taxes in order to stimulate the economy for ALL Americans?
  • Should Trump attack Hillary for referring to tens of millions of American men and women as “deplorables”?
  • Should Trump bring up the importance of not only the Supreme Court, but also the next president’s ability to appoint many federal judges?
  • Should Trump point to his history of employing thousands of Americans as evidence of his firsthand experience and ability to create jobs?
  • Should Trump hammer Hillary on wanting to enact more of Obama’s regulations that have stunted the economy and prevented small businesses from growing or even starting up?
  • Should Trump focus on Hillary’s proud claim to put a lot of coal miners out of business?
  • Should Trump emphasize the importance of harnessing American energy in order to grow our economy and reduce the cost of gas at the pump?
  • Should Trump spend more time articulating plans to rein in corruption in D.C.?
  • Should Trump paint Hillary as the epitome of D.C. corruption and the close relationship between lobbyists and politicians?
  • Should Trump accuse Hillary of representing everything that everyday Americans are worried about in Washington?
  • Should Trump speak directly to the American voters at home and defend our positive message for America?
  • Do you have any personal advice for Donald Trump for the next debate?

The next debate is set to take place Washington University in St. Louis on October 9. Hopefully this survey will help Trump win the next one!