BREAKING: Trump Halts Campaign – You Won’t Believe Why

Donald Trump shocked many of his supporters on Wednesday when he halted his presidential campaign to attend the ribbon cutting of his new hotel in Washington, DC.

According to Real Time Politics, Trump said he believes the location of the new hotel is the best in the city, “with the notable exception of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Though Trump’s campaign said the opening was not an official campaign stop, it was listed on Trump’s campaign website and had political guests such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Sen. Jeff Sessions in attendance. When Trump took the stage, he gave a speech in which he gave examples of how the government is “over budget, behind schedule and simply nothing works,” including the Veterans Administration, infrastructure, military equipment, the tax code and the education system.

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“We’ve built one of the great real estate companies of the world, but it seems very insignificant compared to what we’re doing now,” Trump said.

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