BREAKING: Trump TV Officially Launches

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway launched a Facebook Live show on Monday night in which she said “unequivocally” that “we will win” the election in two weeks.

NPR reported that Conway then interviewed two of the GOP nominee’s campaign advisers, Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims in the inaugural edition of an online show “bypassing the left-wing media,” as Epshteyn put it, “which skews everything.” The “nightly campaign coverage” resembles a newscast, leading many to guess that this is the pilot for the “Trump TV” network that the business mogul is considering launching after the election.

The show will air at 6:30 every night until the election, and it will be filmed live from Trump Tower. Sims described it as a way to motivate voters before Election Day and said “it would be malpractice on our part if we didn’t utilize these massive online platforms that he has.”

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