Check Out What This Idiot Did After Learning Of Fidel Castro’s Death….

Millions of people across the globe were relieved when they heard that Fidel Castro finally died. The dictator of Cuba was 90 years old.

He was a communist who killed hundreds of thousands while reigning in terror. Despite this, Obama praised him after his death by offering his “condolences” to his family and telling his heir that the US is their partner and friend.

Americans were appalled when they heard this. It was Whoopi Goldberg who decided to stand up for Obama on The View.

Goldberg had the nerve to say that a lot of people did not think of the communist Castro regime as “being bad,” indicating that she supports the far left ideologies of the communist nation. Fellow idiot Joy Behar then chimed in to praise Cuba for their “free education” and “top of the line medical care,” suggesting that she too is a communist.

What are your thoughts on this?

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