Chelsea Clinton Mouths Off About Trump – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down


Even though her mother lost the election, Chelsea Clinton has continued to run her mouth about various issues. Unfortunately for her, however, this has now come back to bite her.

Last week, some sick vandals on a New York City subway used a sharpie to write, “Jews belong in the oven” alongside a swastika. Mad World News reported that some Good Samaritans grabbed hand sanitizer to remove the disturbing writing, and that’s where this situation should have ended.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Chelsea and her fellow leftists to try and politicize the incident and use it for their own agenda. The former first daughter showed how self-righteous she really is by posting photos of the incident on Twitter along with the caption, “we will not let hate win.”

This was a clear ode to the ridiculous “love Trump’s hate” mantra, and Twitter users immediately let Chelsea know how hypocritical she really is.

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