CHILLING: Here’s What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Judge Halted Immigration Ban

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On Friday night, Federal District Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order halting Donald Trump’s travel ban on immigrants from seven Middle Eastern nations. On Monday, the first full week day after the order was issued, something happened that is downright horrifying.

Breitbart reported that 100 Muslim refugees from Syria poured into the U.S. on Monday as they rushed to get in before Trump’s ban went back into effect. An additional 12 refugees came in from Iraq and 1 came in from Syria.

The State Department revealed that all 113 refugees that came in on Monday were Muslim, and that not a single one was Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, or of any other religious faith.

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Though Washington and Minnesota were the two states that requested Robart halt Trump’s executive order, none of the 113 refugees were resettled in Washington. The one Somalian refugee was however sent to Minnesota, has the largest Somali community in the U.S. Seven of the Syrian refugees were resettled in Troy, Michigan.

It remains to be seen where the other migrants were resettled.

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