Chilling Video About Huma Abedin Released By Anonymous! You have to see this…

Huma Abedin is now embroiled in an FBI investigation after emails concerning her husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop could have connections to the Hillary investigation that has been reopened.

These are the least of your concerns when it come so Abedin.

Bizpac Review reports, a popular video circulating social media claims to show Abedin, who was raised in Saudi Arabia between the ages of two and 18, her family, and by extension Clinton, have ties to groups and people who fund terrorism.”

The narrator of the video names the “four main players” as Clinton, Abedin, Saudi Arabia and Abdullah Omar Nasseef.

The video alleges that the Abedin family business, The Institute of Minority Muslim Affairs which, as we reported, is a pro-Sharia Law newsletter where Abedin used to work, is “owned by the Muslim World League, Saudi Arabia’s global organization that promotes violent Wahhabi Islam.”

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