Comey Wants Hilary Investigation to be Paused Until Post-Election… Gowdy Has None of It!!

The FBI Director James Comey has made comments saying that it is due to political reasons why people are angry about the way he handled the Hillary Clinton private emails server investigation. He said that fresh eyes are needed following the election for people to realize that it was supposedly the right call to let her off the hook.

Trey Gowdy does not agree

“He’s not the only one who cares about the reputation of the FBI. The FBI belongs to all of us. We have to have confidence in the bureau the morning after the election, the morning after the inauguration. So this isn’t about politics,” started Gowdy.

“He said after the politics is over you can take a fresh look at it. I want to take a fresh look at it NOW,” says Gowdy. He went on to talk about how this is about what she did, not what her politics are. It’s about stopping someone who would have been thrown in prison in any other circumstances.

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