Liberals are quick to point out whenever a conservative personality makes a joke that is homophobic or transphobic. Over the past few weeks, however, we learned that Democrats don’t apply this same logic to liberals who make these jokes about President Donald Trump…

Just weeks after Late Show host Stephen Colbert made a homophobic joke about Trump, Daily Show host Trevor Noah is making headlines for making a transphobic joke about the president. Breitbart reported that on Wednesday, the official Twitter account for Noah’s show posted a message asking viewers to pick what they thought Thursday’s biggest news headline would be.

The four potential headlines were: “Trump uses Constitution as a KFC napkin,” “Comey drops a complete ‘visual album,’” “Ivanka requests immunity,” and “Donald Trump announces he is now Donna Trump.”

Twitter users immediately called out the show for being transphobic:

If a conservative personality had made this joke about Obama, they would already be out of the job. However, since Noah is a liberal, this scandal quickly died down.

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