Damming Sanctions Placed on Russia By The EU! How Will Putin React???

For the past three years, the  UN have had sanctions on Russia as they entered the Ukraine unlawfully. The sanctions have backfired more on the EU, as Russia have been able to turn to China in order to fulfill a lot of their needs.

Economic stability is at near all-time low levels in the Eurozone, so they are looking to repair the bridges with Russia.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s desire for new severe sanctions against Russia over its intervention in the Syrian conflict, met firm opposition from the Italian leader Matteo Renzi, among others.

In her first address to the European Council as Britain’s PM, May insisted the EU should send a “robust united message” to Russian President Vladimir Putin over his alliance with Syrian head of state Bashar Assad and the ongoing operation in Aleppo.

“It is vital that we work together to continue to put pressure on Russia to stop these appalling atrocities, these sickening atrocities, in Syria,”she told her European counterparts.

However, she had to swallow her words after Renzi succeeded in removing all references to new sanctions from a document tabled by May, with the help of France and Germany, at the Brussels summit. Renzi was able to extract the call for “further restrictive measures targeting individuals and entities supporting the [Syrian] regime” from the last minute motion. Reservations over possible sanctions on Russia were also expressed by Austria, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

“I think that to refer in the text to sanctions makes no sense,” the Italian told the press after the meeting’s late finish around 2am. “So I think that the words we wrote in the final document are the right ones – to say we need to do everything possible to promote an agreement in Syria.” – Russia Today

What are your thoughts on this?

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