Democrat Senator Wants Gorusch Extremely Vetted. See What Was Hiding in Dem’s Closet!

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The Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal lied about his military service for many years and now he wants there to be an extreme vetting of Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court justice choice by Trump.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Blumenthal said that he will personally ensure that “every aspect of his (Gorsuch’s) background” will be investigated.

The Democrat told The Wall Street Journal: “It is important that every aspect of his background be critically and closely scrutinized.”

Of course this is hypocritical coming from him of all people.

A 2010 report form The New York Times revealed that Blumenthal, then the Connecticut attorney general running for U.S. Senate, had repeatedly misled voters and the media about serving in the Vietnam War.

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In reality, Blumenthal took advantage of college deferments to stay out of the service in the 1960s. In 1970, he landed a spot in the Marine Reserve, which ensured he never went to Southeast Asia for combat.

What are your thoughts on this?