Did Secretary Kelly Reveal the Real Reason Why Obama Would Not Say “Radical Islam?”

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John Kelly is the new Homeland Security Secretary General and earlier in the week he testified in front of Congress regarding the threats posed by the seven nations which had a travel ban placed upon them by President Trump.

He said that the threat was quite severe.

“There are thousands of fighters who are available and have — we have pretty good confidence — have the kind of papers that could get them passed into Western Europe, and certainly, by extension, into the United States,” Kelly explained.

Kelly referred to the seven countries chosen as “failed states” and emphasized that despite the liberal drama playing out in the media, this was not a Muslim ban, and it was only temporary.

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“I believe that the travel pause from all of those countries will give us time to evaluate those countries and the information they can provide us, which will ultimately lead to safety for the American people,” he stated.

Obama surely knew about these threats the whole time, but he chose to do nothing about it. This is obviously why he refused to say “radical Islam” as he didn’t want to be asked tough questions on the topic.

What are your thoughts on this?