Dolly Parton Turns On Hillary Clinton – Admits She’s ‘Nuts’

Country music icon Dolly Parton enraged her conservative fans a few months ago when she publicly praised Hillary Clinton. However, in a more recent interview, Parton changed her tune about Clinton in a big way…

“We’re doing good,” Parton said originally, according to American News. “We got a woman that could go in the White House, so we’ve certainly come a long way in that respect.”

Some saw this as Parton endorsing Clinton, but she recently spoke out to say that this is not the case at all. Parton just called Clinton “nuts” and said that her campaign has been “just crazy.” She went on to urge the American public to stop being fooled by Clinton.

“Let’s talk about what we really need—taking care of us,” Dolly said.”I think people just want to have a feeling of security. It’s just like political terrorism right now. We’ve got room for improvement.”

Welcome to Team Trump, Dolly Parton!

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