In Battleground Michigan, RESULTS POUR IN – Hillary Should Be Panicking

Political expert Frank Luntz shocked everyone today when he announced that he believes that Donald Trump has a real chance of winning the crucial state of Michigan today.

“BREAKING: Watch Michigan,” Luntz tweeted Tuesday morning, according to Daily Caller. “Working-class turnout is looking much higher than expected. Trump may actually have a chance.”

This has come as a surprise to millions, since Michigan typically votes Democrat. However, Trump’s popularity has soared their in recent weeks, and the latest polls say he has the support of 48.5 percent of likely voters there compared to 46.8 for Hillary Clinton.

Michigan holds 16 electoral votes, so winning it could be enough to swing the election in Trump’s favor. In order for Trump to win this election, it is CRUCIAL that he wins one of the blue states, as only winning the reds won’t be enough to beat Clinton.

Though Real Clear Politics predicts that Trump will lose in the map below, you can see that a win in Michigan would be enough for him to win the entire election in their eyes.

Who do you think will win this election? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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