Final Nail For Hillary Has Come From WikiLeaks… She is Done!

It has been reported that the Attorney General Loretta Lynch not only tried to stop a probe into Hillary’s emails, but she also tried to stop the investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

They have been accused of bribery charges.

Hillary had said that the Foundation would no longer take foreign donations if she becomes president, an email released by WikiLeaks tells a different story.

From Daily Caller:

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has given her word that the Clinton Foundation will cease accepting foreign donations if she is elected president. But a leaked memo reveals that Hillary’s personal preference is for the foundation to continue accepting money from foreign governments.

Despite the Department of Justice’s best efforts to suppress investigations into the Clinton Foundation, five FBI field offices are currently investigating the nonprofit concerning pay-to-play and corruption allegations.

Hillary indicated to staffers that her personal preference is for the foundation to continue accepting money from foreign governments, even if she gets elected president, according to a leaked memo.

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Additionally, the Clintons were hesitant to put limits on the foundation’s financial operations, for fear of missing out on “unexpected opportunities,” the memo reveals.

The memo, dated April 7, 2015, lays out several proposed changes to the foundation. Regarding donations from foreign governments, the memo states that “There are multiple options for consideration.”

“Secretary Clinton’s preference is for the Foundation to continue to accept foreign government contributions, but to significantly increase disclosure,” the memo states. “She does not want to limit

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