Following the 1st Debate Obama Got Shocking News!!! Treason?

It was on Monday that Barack Obama got some bad news as Russia released photographic evidence sourced from satellites that shows how ISIS oil is smuggled into Turkey on a large level.

As US surveillance is so good, Obama obviously was aware of this, so people are wondering how much he knew and why it was kept secret. It also begs the question as to whether or not the Turkish government are aware of this.

It was reported that the Russian Deputy Defense Minister said to reporters that he knew of three different smuggling routes into Turkey He added that oil enters the territory of Turkey in “large quantities” via “live oil pipelines” made up of thousands of oil trucks.

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He then accused the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan directly of running the entire operations.

“Turkey is the main consumer of the oil stolen from its rightful owners, Syria and Iraq. According to the information we’ve received, the senior political leadership of the country—President Erdogan and his family—are involved in this criminal business,” he told reporters. “Maybe I’m being too blunt, but one can only entrust control over this thieving business to one’s closest associates.”

“The cynicism of the Turkish leadership knows no limits,” he continued. “Look what they’re doing. They went into someone else’s country, they are robbing it without compunction.”

What are your thoughts on this?