On Tuesday evening, Donald Trump surprised many when he fired FBI Director James Comey. Now, Fox News has revealed the real reason Comey was let go.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Fox News national security expert Catherine Herridge said Comey was fired because he refused to reveal the Obama administration “unmaskers” to President Trump. It’s already been confirmed that Barack Obama spied on and unmasked the identities and conversations of several Americans in 2016 including officials close to Trump. Afterwards, Comey enraged the president when he stalled turning the information over to the Trump administration.

“The accusation against the former FBI director, and this comes mostly from Republicans, is that he has been sort of slow walking records about the Americans who were identified or unmasked in these intelligence reports and providing them to Congress,” Herridge explained. “And the reason that’s a big deal is that everyone in the IC, in the intelligence community knows that there is no bigger, deeper, wider, extensive paper trail than there is when you unmask or identify an American citizen.”

“And it should not take months,” she added. “It should take weeks if not the course of several days to know who was unmasked and who made those requests and that has not been provided.”

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