Before the Rangers – Phillies game in Texas on Wednesday night, Fox Sports Reporter Emily Jones was taping a live spot from the stands just above the Rangers dugout when something happened that went viral.


The second that sports reporter Emily Jones wrapped up her live report on a baseball game Wednesday night, she found videos of George W. Bush photobombing her all over Twitter.

Jones was reporting on the Texas Rangers-Philadelphia Phillies baseball game in Arlington, Texas, when the former President slid onscreen to casually say “Hey.” She didn’t hear him, but her co-workers did, and now thousands of others online have, too.

“I’ve been photobombed before, but he was the President, so he’s kind of a big deal,” she told TIME of the moment.

Bush used to be a Rangers managing partner before becoming governor of Texas and then President for two terms, so Jones was used to chatting with him throughout the season.

After the instantly viral moment, she walked over to him and asked, “Did you just photobomb me?” His answer: “Yep, I sure did!”

Here’s a video of the viral incident:

Naturally, the Twitter universe went nuts over the incident with most people loving the levity in this time of political angst:

fans of the former President found a reason to laugh:

One Twitter user said, “Why did I despise this man for eight years?”

… while another wrote, “I know we’re supposed to not like him but…”

With all the garbage that the mainstream media is bombarding us with, it’s good to see a politician — or at least a former one — having a little fun.