France On The Brink of Civil War!! Warn US that it is Due To The Muslims

One of the major leaders in France, Francois-Xavier Peron has made the remarks that France is close to a civil war between Franc and Islam. He talked about how the Christian faith is the only way in which they can rescue their nation from evil, collapse and death.

He also warned America to not make the same mistakes that France did by accepting religious freedom for Islam. It has destroyed their once proud nation.

VIA  Freedomoutpost

Before the war breaks out again, food will be scarce and expensive.  There will be little work for the workers, and fathers will hear their children crying for food.  There will be earthquakes and signs in the sun.  Towards the end, darkness will cover the earth.

When everyone believes that peace is assured, when everyone least expects it, the great happenings will begin.  Revolution will break out in Italy almost at the same time as in France.  For some time, the Church will be without a Pope.  England, too, will have much to suffer.

The revolution will spread to every French town.  Wholesale slaughter will take place. This revolution will last only a few months but it will be frightful, blood will flow everywhere because the malice of the wicked will reach its highest pitch. Victims will be innumerable.  Paris will look like a slaughter-house. Persecutions against the Church will be even greater but it will not last long…

What are your thoughts on this?

France Nearing Civil War As Continuous Terror Waged By Muslims