Germans Are Now Driving Shariah Law Supporters and ISIS Out Of Their Nation!!

There were hundreds of raid conducted by German police recently as they hunted for supporters of ISIS and Shariah Law.

There was armed police and anti-terror units conducting these raids and they hit over 200 offices and apartments which were associated with ISIS sympathizers.

The government also announced that the Salafist group calling itself ‘The True Religion’ is now banned.

Salafists believe in a traditional interpretation of Islam, based on Sharia law. They have caused controversy in Germany with a project called ‘Lies!’ to hand out 25 million translations of the Koran for free.

Many of the 800 Germans who went off to the Middle East for the so-called caliphate declared by ISIS in Syria and Iraq were Salafists.

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A lot of jihadist material and ISIS recruitment documents were found in these raids.

What are your thoughts on this?