Government Employee Busted For Massive Welfare Fraud!

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Some people think they can get away with fraud. Especially when the government has technology that is outdated and unreliable.

This is what Tonia Ramaza-Williams was probably thinking when she attempted to falsify her job records to get extra governmental assistance, worth more than $82,000.

The 40-year old Willingboro resident hatched the scheme when she discovered after applying for welfare benefits that she was earning too much as a state worker, and decided to falsify her employment earnings so she could qualify for the various welfare programs offered.

She used her job as a head clerk at the state Children and Families Department office to change her records.

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However the scam was uncovered and now the former state worker is heading off to prison to serve out a 3-year sentence moreover the Willingboro resident must pay back full restitution.

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